Welcome to The First Congregational Church in Thetford, also known as Thetford Hill Church!

The First Congregational Church in Thetford, Vermont, United Church of Christ, is a progressive, Open and Affirming congregation, Open to All. We are a diverse people on a journey together following the way of Jesus Christ. We find unity in the shared quest for truth rather than in one common creed.

Our church provides a sanctuary for spiritual nurture and growth through services of word, music and silence, and through education, discussion and mutual support. We feel called to promote Christ’s way of nonviolence, creating a loving, just society for all. We care especially for our youth, for the struggling people of our world and community, and for the health of God’s creation.

We expect there to be a cost to our faithful discipleship, a cost of our time, talent and substance, and of our selfless love, humble service and personal risk. This is a church of courage and of comfort. This is a church of passion and of humor. This is a church of Christ and of solidarity with people of all faiths who are striving to create a world of peace and justice, mercy and love.

Christmas Eve Service 2020

Joy to the world! Our virtual candlelight service was absolutely beautiful, with over 366  people in attendance. The gathered community graciously responded to Pastor Robin’s bold and heartfelt appeal for the Floyd Dexter Fund by bringing in a little over $5,200 dollars.  This generosity from our wonderful community will help many families and individuals to meet some very basic needs throughout the upcoming year. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Looking Ahead:

Celebrate the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 17th, 10:00am Service

Please join us Sunday, January 17 at 10:00am for a special ceremony honoring the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.  We will share the story of his legacy through a thoughtful weaving together of narration from MLK’s most significant writing and civil rights history with freedom songs. This service is a welcome pause of praise and thanksgiving for one who ignited a movement that changed the course of history. Children and teens are encouraged to attend! 

The Season of Light – Epiphany January 6th – February 16th, 2021

Happy New Year, and Blessed Epiphany! ​January 6th commemorates​ the ​M​agi’s arrival in Bethlehem​ and marks the beginning of the season of Epiphany, the season of LIGHT!  Epiphany lasts through February 16th, the day before Ash Wednesday. Each Epiphany, you are invited to pull from a basket a star​​ inscribed with a word to ​meditate on throughout the new year. You can think of it as your own personal guiding light for 20​21​​This year, we plan to celebrate the Epiphany Season on Sunday, January 24th during the 10am service. The stars can be delivered to you, or you can pick one up in a bin outside the church office.  

“Though we have been away from Vermont the past few years, it has been very meaningful reconnecting virtually with the only church I’ve ever known. The comfort of familiar faces and the weekly reminder of who I want to be in this world are inspiring and supportive!”

~ Susan Kowalsky and Daniel Goldberg

“I belong to this church because I believe that organized religion provides the rich soil that feeds the roots of my soul; it is more than a loving family/community — it’s where I connect to a power greater than myself.”

~ Joyce McKeeman