Welcome to The First Congregational Church in Thetford, also known as Thetford Hill Church!

You are welcome here. We are a diverse people on a journey together.  We come from a variety of spiritual traditions; mainline Protestant, Evangelical, Catholic, Unitarian, Buddhist, and, in some cases, from none at all. We are scientists, farmers, social workers, contractors, teachers, activists, students, musicians, parents, grandparents.  Some of us are new to the community, and some have generations-long roots in the congregation.

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“Though we have been away from Vermont the past few years, it has been very meaningful reconnecting virtually with the only church I’ve ever known. The comfort of familiar faces and the weekly reminder of who I want to be in this world are inspiring and supportive!”
~ Susan Kowalsky and Daniel Goldberg

“I belong to this church because I believe that organized religion provides the rich soil that feeds the roots of my soul; it is more than a loving family/community — it’s where I connect to a power greater than myself.”
~ Joyce McKeeman