The First Congregational Church in Thetford is a beautiful and historic building that is the spiritual home to the First Congregational Church in Thetford Community. It also houses a child care center that operates Monday-Friday 8-5:30, piano lessons, weekly AA program meetings, and many church and community group meetings and events, such as concerts and movies.

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Building Use Fees
See the Building Use Fees for charges for use of the different spaces. Building Use Fees help cover the many expenses of operating the building, such as heat, water, sewer, plowing, custodial care and other expenses incurred through use of the space. Therefore, most non-church events must help cover these expenses, through the payment of the fees or through donations. The Trustees are willing to consider modifying the applicable fee for special circumstances.

For questions or to book the use of any of the Church spaces, please contact the Building Use Coordinator at, or by phone at 802-785-2915.

In the interest of providing as many spaces as possible within the church to the many groups who need space, while offering the best possible experience for these groups, the FCCT Trustees developed the following procedure and policy regarding use of the spaces within the church building. Activities of the FCCT have priority for use of the church spaces.

Building Use Policy and Procedures for Use of Spaces within the First Congregational Church in Thetford UCC

Groups or individuals contact the Building Use Coordinator (BUC) to determine availability of space and fees for that use. In the absence of the Building Use Coordinator, the Trustee on Duty serves as back-up to the Building Use Coordinator for this purpose. The BUC discusses the kind of space needed for the regular use or one-time event and the fees that apply, if any, and handles any conflicts with space use that might arise. The BUC will consult with Trustees as needed.

Competing Requests
In case of multiple requests for a specific space, the Building Coordinator may ask a regular program to move to a different space in order to accommodate the largest number of events. A program or event that is already scheduled will not be asked to cancel an event or meeting, but to move to a different space in the church. Sufficient advanced notice will be provided to the organizer, and on site signage will be provided to direct people to the correct location.

Types of groups or events
Church groups and individual church members are not charged a fee for activities with no admission charge. Non-church groups or individuals who are not members are charged a fee. If a church group co-sponsors an event with a non-church group and there is no admission, the preference is to follow the donations policy above, and use 50% of the donations, up to the building use fee for that use, at the no admission rate. If a church group co-sponsors an event with a non-church group and there is an admission fee, the building use fee schedule should be followed.

Consult the Building Use Coordinator and Trustees when there are questions about fees and policies.

Guidelines for building use from the ByLaws
Permission to use the Church property shall not be granted to groups or individuals whose principles or activities are in conflict with those of this Church, or to partisan political groups. (ByLaws)
Alcohol use is prohibited in the church building. (ByLaws)

Food Service Options:
The Church has one kitchen facility which is upstairs. A portable kitchen cart (equipped with cups, utensils, coffee and tea pots) and two utility sinks downstairs serves the needs for refreshments for groups meeting in the Sunday School Room or Library during times when the kitchen upstairs is being used or when privacy is important.

– What is available when you rent the space?
– Tables and Chairs
– Instruments (see policy on use of the instruments)
– Coffee maker
– Hot water pots
– Dishes
Cleaning supplies and paper products are provided so groups can clean up after an event or meeting

Policy last updated 10/13/2011