Sunday Service

Children begin services with the congregation in the Sanctuary.

After Children’s Time and the choir anthem,  young children (ages 2 to 5)    may go to the Nursery;           elementary age children (Grades K-6) may go to Children’s Worship.

At the back of the Sanctuary, we provide a quiet play area – with couches, books and puzzles for wiggly toddlers –  and a rocking chair for mothers and babies.

Child Care:  Our Nursery downstairs is staffed by a babysitter and an adult volunteer. In the Nursery and the Newcomb Room, there are other children’s books and space for mothers who choose to be with their babies.

Children’s Worship (“Sunday School”)

FCCT Sunday School Curriculum


Our new multi-age curriculum, “Shine: Living in God’s Light,” was chosen after considerable research and parent input, as we explored creative ways to teach to a wide range of ages, and to represent a diverse but shared vision for the spiritual education of our children and youth.