Celebrate Spring with a May Day Virtual Auction! 
Opening bids start May 1, 2022

Yes, that’s right, folks!  The FCCT auction is back, and the auction team is now looking for donations from FCCT congregants and their families and friends!  This year, the auction will be online and extremely easy to take part in. We will be sharing more details about that later…  for now, we need your creativity and your donations. We are looking for both intangible and tangible items.  This year we are limiting our tangible items to things handmade or homemade and will save other items for our yard sale in the spring.

Intangibles Items Include:
*vacation home and cabin rentals 
*special meals/dinner parties
*boat rides, e-bike rides, horseback rides
*massages and body work
*lessons of all kinds (singing, knitting, quilting, skiing, sewing, musical instrument)
*services: landscaping, raking, excavation, gardening, auto body work, painting, electrical work, etc.

Handmade/Homemade Tangible Items Include: 
* Art work such as paintings and sculptures (finished or by commission)
*jewelry (wink wink) 
*knitted items (sweaters, hats, mittens, etc)
*home-made quilts
*food items such as pecan pies (wink wink) and smoked salmon (wink wink)

(We are staying away from the types of tangibles that will be more appropriate for a yard sale later in 2022)
What are your skills?  What do you have to share? Be creative!

How to Donate
Send information about your donation to robinosborne81@gmail.com or call 785-2658

Here is what we need:

  • your name, phone and email
  • a brief description of your item or service
  • a photo (if possible)
  • a suggested minimum bid for the item (if desired)

For rentals :

  • your name, phone and email
  • occupancy number
  • available dates/months
  • restrictions (pets? no pets?), etc.
  • your description and photo(s)
  • minimum bid, as desired

Important things to know at the start:

  • Bidding for Intangibles such as home rentals and boat rides will be limited to people in the FCCT community and their family or friends (basically people known to us in our wider community).
  • The top bidder and the donor will work together to figure out delivery;  we cannot ship items. 
  • If you want to donate something but don’t know how to upload a photo to an email, just let one of us know, and we will help you.
  • If you want to volunteer to help, please let us know. The projects will not be hugely time-consuming.
  • Any other questions, just ask us! This can be a fun and profitable auction for our beloved church, and we look forward to your donations!

From the Spring Auction Team:
Lee Steppacher (shepstep@comcast.net)
Robin Osborne (robinosborne81@gmail.com)
Pastor Robin (pastor@thetfordhillchurch.org)