Our Building – Facilities Available for Your Use

First Congregational Church Thetford sanctuary

Our Building currently remains closed for public use and facility rental due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The First Congregational Church in Thetford is a beautiful and historic building that is the spiritual home to the First Congregational Church in Thetford Community. It also houses a child care center that operates Monday-Friday 8-5:30, daily piano lessons, 3 weekly AA program meetings, and many church and community group meetings and events, such as concerts and movies.


The Sanctuary is a beautiful open space, ideal for concerts, readings, weddings, funerals and other formal events.  Food is not allowed in the Sanctuary.  Rental of the Sanctuary includes use of the “Pie Room” and the kitchen.

Newcomb Room

The Newcomb Room is a large private space near the kitchen upstairs.  It offers an open, carpeted space ideal for exercise classes. Tables and chairs are available nearby and may be set up for lectures or movies.  The Newcomb Room is available to rent with or without the kitchen, and if rented with the kitchen, the open space called the “Pie Room” is also included.

Sunday School Room

The Sunday School Room is a medium sized private space downstairs, which includes use of a kitchen cart for refreshments and access to two downstairs utility sinks for clean up purposes.  Tables, chairs, and the kitchen cart (equipped with cups, utensils, coffee and tea pots) for refreshments are stored nearby in the library.


The Library is a small, private space downstairs and includes use of a kitchen cart for refreshments and two downstairs utility sinks for clean up purposes. Tables, chairs and the kitchen cart are stored in the room.

Pie Room

The Pie Room is an open space upstairs and not available for rent separately, but often used by church members for informal meetings and discussions.

Church Offices

The two church offices are available for use by church members only.

Please contact the Building Use Coordinator, Effie Cummings, at building.use@thetfordhillchurch.org, or by phone at 831-595-6743, to book the use of any of the Church spaces. Fees are negotiable for long term renters or special situations. For occasional rental, see the Building Use Fee Schedule. Fill out the Use Agreement Form after you have discussed your needs with the Building Use Coordinator.

Building Use Fees

See the Building Use Fees for charges for use of the different spaces. Building Use Fees help cover the many expenses of operating the building, such as heat, water, sewer, plowing, custodial care and other expenses incurred through use of the space. Therefore, most non-church events must help cover these expenses, through the payment of the fees or through donations. The Trustees are willing to consider modifying the applicable fee for special circumstances.

For questions or to book the use of any of the Church spaces, please contact Monica Alsup, the Building Use Coordinator at building.use@thetfordhillchurch.org, or by phone at 785-2915.

In the interest of providing as many spaces as possible within the church to the many groups who need space, while offering the best possible experience for these groups, the FCCT Trustees developed the following procedure and policy regarding use of the spaces within the church building. Activities of the FCCT have priority for use of the church spaces.